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Travel Toys

It is high time for fun when you and your family head off to a weekend getaway. One of the best ways to spend time and bond with your family is to go outdoors as children love to play outside. Before you get to your final destination, get ready and bring with you your travel essentials to ensure that you can make the most out of your trip.

Prepare your car essentials first especially when travelling with baby toddlers or kids. These include baby wipes, water, and plastic bags for garbage or soiled clothes, mobile phone, a first aid kid, a flashlight and a diaper bag or duffle bag with a change of clothes for your child so you don’t have to unpack your entire luggage in the trunk. Don’t forget to bring travel games for tots as well to keep your child engaged for most of the trip. Your child’s travel experience will become more enjoyable with safe, fun, and age-appropriate toys that range from rattles, alphabet games, travel memory, puzzles, travel games, books, and much more.

If you are travelling with a baby, don’t forget to pack some lullaby CDs, disposable bibs and feeding bottles with disposable plastic inserts so you can reuse the nipple. Make your travel with your baby a rewarding experience by bringing educational and fun toys from Melissa and Doug. Explore the world with your baby as they play and never get bored with these toys.¬†Whether at the beach or at the mountainside, you need more than just a tent to keep your family in a camping bliss.

More than the picnic basket and eating utensils, you need to consider as well what will be your activities during the picnic so you know what to pack that make for a fun outdoor activities. Keep your child protected as well when exploring the outdoors with baby products from baby banz. They offer perfect seasonal gear for kids like baby hats, baby swimwear, and baby sunglasses.

Dealing with Insect Bites

It is usual for a kid to often come home to mom and complain about an itch. Chances are, he was bitten by an insect while playing in the schoolyard. There’s a whole battalion of bugs out there to sting, bite, chomp and clamp your kids tender skin. When going outdoors, let your child wear white or khaki-colored clothing, use insect repellant and avoid putting sweet-scented fragrances on them.

For minor insect bites
Skin iritations
Tiny prick marks on skin
Mild to intense itch
Small red bumps on the skin which may be painless or with a burning sensation
First Aid Tips:
If the area is itchy, do not scratch it for the skin may break and get infected. Use finger pads instead of nails to stroke the bitten part.
Wash the infected area thoroughly with soap and cold water.
Apply calamine lotion to soothe the itchy area.
Most insect bites are minor annoyances but some may need medical help. For dangerous insect bites from mosquitoes infected with dengue or malarial parasites, immediate medical attention is advised.