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Goji Berry: The Super Fruit

Goji berry, or Lycium barbarum, belongs to a family of plants called Solanaceae. It is also popularly known as Chinese wolfberry. This fruit tastes like raisin and is used as ingredient for soups and other Chinese dishes. It grows from a woody plant in China and parts of eastern Europe.

This fruit is being hailed to be the new miraculous fruit for its nutrient-rich contents.  It is known to be a ‘super fruit’ as it contains more vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, and contains complex phyto-nutrients and flavanois, including betaine, physalin, and solavetivone.  It is said to be good for boosting the immune system, liver, and promotes good eyesight and healthy skin.

This fruit has become popular worldwide because of its many health benefits on peoples’ over-all wellness. People who consumed goji berry, both in dried and juice form, claim that they have experienced a significant improvement on their energy levels, better moods, and reduced pain from the discomforts of arthritis. There have been reports as well of celebrities munching on this fruit as their secret to their youth, like Madonna and Mischa Barton.

Warts Causes and Cures

Warts are caused by a DNA virus called the papilloma virus. It sits on the skin and produces this warty growth- rough bumps. It’s a viral infection that can grow on the plantar area or feet, or on the thumb, or flat warts on the face. They can also grow in the mucous membranes of the genitals- also (caused by) papilloma virus.

Warts-free skin

The key to cure warts is to have a healthy immune system . Warts are also a common skin problem with children however, as they get older, they will improve their immune system and are more able to ward off warts. In the case of adults who have have too many warts in a specific area like the face, experts say that this is a sign that the immune system is not working properly . It is recommended to seek a doctor for help.

Certain procedures are given to patients to cure warts depending on the case. For extreme conditions that are recurring, persistent, or cosmetically troublesome, patients could undergo surgical removal of warts, laser surgery that uses heat to kill the virus, cryosurgery or the selective freezing of tissues by using liquid nitrogen; and electrosurgery that uses an amount of current to burn off the lesion. It is important to have a dermatologist examine your warts first and recommend which treatment is best for you.

Regency Beauty Institute

Becoming beautiful is a decision you can make every day. It is like a project that entails the setting of goals and the appropriate actions to make those goals become manifest. One way to beautify oneself is to have a knowledge of using colors or makeup that match your own coloring to provide you with the most natural and flattering results.

In applying makeup, always aim to look as natural as possible and simply enhance your features. The general rule in applying make up is that less is more. Choose your products well and have a knowledge of the basic items in your makeup kit like foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyebrow makeup, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and lip pencil. Regency Beauty Institute offers makeup artist tricks, provides upscale salons and great education that are beneficial to the public and salon community.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Accutane Lawsuit

Beautiful skin is one of a person’s best assets. When the skin is glowing, a person feels a boost in his or her self-confidence. To achieve a beautiful and glowing skin, a lot of people try all sorts of products to eliminate the dreaded acne. However, not all treatments are recommended for everyone as there are those that gives risks that far outweighed the benefits.

Such is the case of the Accutane lawsuit where people suffer from serious health problems and side effects like inflammatory bowel disease, miscarriages, back pain, joint pain, and many others. Before taking this drug, it is important to spot those patients needing aggressive therapy to spare troublesome injuries for people who may not actually need this drug.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Glowing and clear skin requires a healthy diet, lots of water, exercise and plenty of rest. Skin crises on the other hand, are caused by a number of things. First, stress triggers skin breakouts and rashes. Exposure to excessive dirt can cause blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. It is important to wash your face with a mild cleanser at least twice a day. Alcohol and smoking also cause wrinkles, lines, and discoloration so avoid them if you can.

For facial care, avoid using regular soaps as they can leave considerable amounts of residue that aggravate clogging and infection. Rinse thoroughly and refresh your face further after cleansing using a toner to remove any excess cleanser and to help the skin return to a normal ph balance. Exfoliate dead skin cells using a product with alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), then moisturize (optional if you have oily skin) and finish off with a sunscreen.

Take care of the skin on the neck and chest as well as they are the first to show the telltale signs of aging. Use a facial cleansing cream to hydrate these areas and finish with a facial moisture cream.

Apply a moisturizer for the rest of your body especially the hands, and put on sun block with a high sun protection factor (SPF) when going outdoors or before hitting the beach.

Another great tip to achieve great skin is to load up with fresh tomatoes. The fruit is especially beneficial when cooked as more of the carotenoid lycopene makes it into the skin, where it can limit UV damage to lower skin-cancer risk. Proper care and tomatoes are indeed a great combination to great skin this summer.

How to Stay Young and Great Looking

Youthfulness and beauty seem to go hand in hand together. As you get older, some beauty spoilers start appearing so it is best to take preventive measures early on to preserve your young and glowing look. Here are wonderful tips that work:

  • Get defensive on your skin with a daily SPF. This helps prevent wrinkles, blotches, and protects skin from cancer and other diseases.
  • Avoid foods that have anything with a dark pigment like wine, soy sauce and coffee as these may cause yellowish teeth. You may chop on apples, carrots and cucumbers instead that naturally cleanse the teeth.
  • Drink green tea to boost the skin’s elastic tissue.
  • Do a 20-minute cardiovascular exercise 4 or 5 times a week to beat the bulges.
  • Add saltwater fish in your diet that contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which help regulate skin’s glow and luster.
  • Maintain your healthy hair by using a hot oil treatment weekly and massage a deep conditioner unto your scalp.

Hand Spa Treatments

The hands are one of your body parts that will always give your age away. Your face maybe baby soft and clear but the passing years show on an aging woman’s hands. Aging hands that cannot be rejuvenated by moisturizers and creams may need spa treatments.

Paraffin hand treatment.

Hands are submerged in heated wax, usually three times, to allow moisture into the deeper layers of the skin. The hands are then covered up with a plastic wrap and mitts to keep the paraffin working on your skin for 10 minutes. The result is soft, smooth, supple hands.

Hand restoration treatment

A high-tech machine softens, firms and tones skin, and lessens wrinkles. This technology is known as micro current therapy, which uses a machine from CACI, or Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument, of Europe. The therapy involves gliding two probes over your hands, sending electrical impulses to your muscles to tighten them and stimulate cell rejuvenation.

Getting Rid of Scars

Scars are one of the beauty spoilers that we want to get rid off. There are several brands of scar sheets sold over the counter now. These adhesive patches contain silicone, which can soften scars. They work best on raised (hypertrophic) scars, and are not to be used until the scar heals. Silicone patches must be worn for at least eight weeks to get results. There are also topical gels available that help reduce such scars.

Flat scars (normotrophic) are the same height as the surrounding normal skin. Old, flat scars are the most difficult to get rid off. Such a scar can sometimes be improved by a medical doctor specializing in dermatology, who can determine what results can be expected with which of the many new procedures available, such as laser resurfacing. A depressed (hypotrophic or atrophic) scar can be raised by a hospital-affiliated dermatologist by injecting collagen beneath it.

The Fight Against Hyperpigmentation

Women with darker skin may not show too many blemishes and flaws, but they are not really free of them. In fact, they are more prone to hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin, that can last months or years.

Skin experts said there are treatments for hyperpigmentation, whether the dark areas are confined to the surface of the skin or have penetrated to the deeper layers. To fade skin discoloration, applying topical medications containing hydroquinone, retinoic acid, and hydrocortisone is prescribed. Dermabrasion or chemical peels work better for dark areas deep in the skin. For both treatments, using sunscreen with high skin protection factor is needed for long-term maintenance.