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Tsunami Food Safety Tips

Days after tsunami had ravaged Japan, its victims are still reeling from the devastation. News, messages and shout-outs flooding the media and social networking sites seemed surreal as the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that triggered tsunami waves has been recorded as one of the strongest that struck Japan in its history. Now a week after this devastating event, people are facing yet another threat in food safety.

With floods and possible power cuts, health issues associated with food in the home become crucial. In case of emergencies, here are some tips to follow to prevent food-borne illnesses:

-Throw out rotting food as it could spoil other food. Get rid of fruits and vegetables that have been lying in floodwaters.

– Dispose damaged and punctured cans or tins with split seams.

– Frozen food that retains crystals and has unopened packaging can be safely refrozen.

– Defrosted foods can be used if they are only recently defrosted and are kept cold (i.e., if the fridge is working again).

– Avoid food spoilage by opening the fridge only when needed.

– Eat perishables first like bread and meat, and eat canned goods last.

– Throw away any food that smells, slimy, and has changed in color.

– Stock up on drinking water. People could normally survive up to 2 weeks with water alone.