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The Different Types of Bottled Water

Bottled water has become almost a staple addition to the supermarket cart. We all need to drink water for hydration and survival as our body is 70% water and requires water to maintain our cells and body healthy. Water is also a main component of human blood which is the body’s transport system for everything from oxygen to nutrients. But with all the different types of bottled water available, how do you know which one to buy and how are they different from each other other?

There are essentially 2 types of bottled water which are Natural/Spring water that comes from a protected spring; and Natural Mineral water that naturally has 250 parts per million of minerals dissolved in it. The ones available in the supermarket shelves are versions of these 2 types, differentiated by the processes they go through before they become bottled water, they are as follow:

Mineral water. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates are added to mineral water after the purification process. Some people prefer this type of bottled water for added benefits to help the body function better.

Sterilized. This is type of bottled water is medical-grade that is heated to high temperatures to kill all forms of microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and chemicals.

Distilled. This purified water that has undergone distillation and is vaporized and then condensed into its purest form. It has no sodium, calcium or anything in it but water.