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Warts Causes and Cures

Warts are caused by a DNA virus called the papilloma virus. It sits on the skin and produces this warty growth- rough bumps. It’s a viral infection that can grow on the plantar area or feet, or on the thumb, or flat warts on the face. They can also grow in the┬ámucous membranes of the genitals- also (caused by) papilloma virus.

Warts-free skin

The key to cure warts is to have a healthy immune system . Warts are also a common skin problem with children however, as they get older, they will improve their immune system and are more able to ward off warts. In the case of adults who have have too many warts in a specific area like the face, experts say that this is a sign that the immune system is not working properly . It is recommended to seek a doctor for help.

Certain procedures are given to patients to cure warts depending on the case. For extreme conditions that are recurring, persistent, or cosmetically troublesome, patients could undergo surgical removal of warts, laser surgery that uses heat to kill the virus, cryosurgery or the selective freezing of tissues by using liquid nitrogen; and electrosurgery that uses an amount of current to burn off the lesion. It is important to have a dermatologist examine your warts first and recommend which treatment is best for you.