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Personal Alarms

Keeping your property safe even when you are away is a must so it is natural that you take all possible precautions to safeguard your valuables. In the same way, you also want to make sure the safety of your elderly loved one/s even if your house and neighborhood is generally considered to be safe.
Personal Alarms are recommended to be prepared for any possible untoward incident.
This device is very helpful for our senior loved ones who may have a chronic disease like asthma or even those who have heart issues and seizures to aid them in alerting other family members or nurse of a possible attack. This is very easy and convenient to use for the elders as by just pressing the button the device will then send out the signal to the system base. This is also highly advisable in case of burglaries as there are those that attack the more vulnerable people like the elders.
Investing in health and safety of our elders does more than to give you and your senior loved one/s a better quality of life. It also helps you to save on healthcare costs and gives you a peace of mind knowing that they are protected. Even at the onset of aging, you can still encourage a senior person to remain engaged and active with life.

Steve Jobs and the Big C

The world lost a visionary leader and an iconic legend in the industry of technology as Steve Jobs died Oct 5, Wednesday at age 56. ┬áIndeed, Steve Jobs changed the way all of us live and his contributions during his reign at the top of Apple with the company’s offering of iPod portable digital audio player in 2001, the iPhone headset in 2007, and the iPad tablet computer in 2010 will remain with his memory in all of us. He will also be always remembered with remarkable products like Apple II, the Mac, Pixar, and the Apple Store.

While Apple’s products continue to receive a very high acceptability and demand among consumers, Steve Jobs struggled with health concerns and was battling pancreatic cancer since 2004. What is pancreatic cancer and what is its cause?

The pancreas is a gland situated high in abdomen that produces most digestive enzymes and insulin that regulates blood sugar levels. It has 2 types of glands: the exocrine glands that produce enzymes that break down fats and proteins, and the endocrine glands that make hormones like insulin that regulate sugar in the blood. It was the tumor in endocrine glands that Steve Jobs battled with. Pancreatic cancer causes few symptoms in its early stages, the condition is often not diagnosed until the condition is relatively advanced and almost impossible to cure.

A diagnosis of the big C does not mean you need to put your life-or career- on hold specially during an early detection. If you or you know someone battling with pancreatic cancer or any other type of cancer, it is best to let let your family and friends know your situation as they can be an invaluable source of support. With medical advances today and with early detection of the cancer, we are given a greater fighting chance than ever before. But most of all, let us entrust that God is our ultimate healer and in His hands we lay down our lives. To the great man that we once had, we salute you and we thank you with all of our hearts, not only because of the great products you shared with the world, but by being a true inspiration of the spirit of an enduring human ingenuity.